Seminar by C. Glenn Begley – 11am, 6/27/2017, WAB563

C. Glenn Begley, MBBS, PhD, FRACP
CEO, BioCurate Pty Ltd, Parkville, Australia

“10% of the Time it Works Every Time” or How to Recognize Sloppy Science

11:00 AM
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Harvard Medical School, Warren Alpert Bldg., Room 563

As scientists and physicians, we all want to make a difference. We all want to make discoveries that have a real impact on human health. Unfortunately however the rewards that currently apply within the academic system provide a perverse set of incentives that reward flashy science with little regard for the quality, robustness or reliability of the work. That is particularly the case for papers published in the “top tier” journals. In this presentation I will review and ‘dissect’ several high profile, highly cited publications that illustrate the problem. These highly cited publications, from famous investigators and their laboratories typically fail because experiments were not performed by blinded investigators, positive and negative controls were not used, experiments were not repeated, reagents were not validated, only select data was shown, and data analysis was inappropriate. This is a systemic problem, is not limited to a small number of laboratories, and will require a multi-pronged approach to begin to address this issue.

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