LSP on NPR August 10, 2015 - LSP’s work towards reinventing drug discovery was profiled on NPR on Monday, August 10th. To read the whole story click here:  
First LSP Publication for Adler-Ramm – A quantitative approach to screen for kidney toxic compounds in vitro July 21, 2015 -   Drugs and environmental chemicals are a common cause of kidney injury in humans, which poses a significant health burden for patients and a financial risk for pharmaceutical companies. However, there is still no regulatory accepted or validated in vitro model available to screen for kidney toxicity. In this signature paper for the toxicology field, […]
Mohammed AlQuraishi et al. publishes first LSP Publication in Nature Genetics November 6, 2014 - Mohammed AlQuraishi et al. publish first Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology publication in Nature Genetics, A multiscale statistical mechanical framework integrates biophysical and genomic data to assemble cancer networks.
Fallahi-Sichani et al. published in Nature Chemical Biology September 30, 2013 - The paper Metrics other than potency reveal systematic variation in responses to cancer drugs by Fallahi-Sichani et al. published in Nature Chemical Biology.