We are training pioneers

The Therapeutics Graduate Program focuses on pharmacology, toxicology and drug discovery, emphasizing research in both HMS labs and in real-world internships. Our goal is to train a new generation of investigators who embrace change and who view systems pharmacology as integral to all their work.

The certificate program offers rigorous, multidisciplinary training relevant to identifying and developing novel therapeutics, understanding and investigating mechanisms of drug action, analyzing the reasons for clinical failures, and developing new compounds and applying them in preclinical and clinical studies to improve the treatment of disease.

This program will provide students with the tool kit and skills necessary for these aims, including quantitative skills and modern cutting-edge techniques. This involves elucidating and understanding biological pathways and therapeutic mechanisms, understanding adverse effects to limit toxicity, identifying novel therapeutic targets, and characterizing the pharmacologic profiles (pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics) of new compounds. Students will understand the social implications and impact of these activities, and we therefore aim to link this training to industrial, clinical, and regulatory activities and to encourage students to consider their studies in a society-wide context.

A new Certificate Program in Therapeutics

The Therapeutics Graduate Program is a new HILS-wide certificate program that provides a rigorous curriculum and builds a community of PhD students and faculty with common interests in Therapeutic Sciences.  The rationale behind the new certificate program is to offer to a subset of our Ph.D. trainees rigorous multidisciplinary training in the sciences relevant to identifying and developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics, and in understanding and elucidating mechanisms of drug action, understanding clinical failures, developing compounds and applying them in preclinical and clinical studies, and understanding the societal implications and impact of these activities. This training will provide students with a well-rounded understanding so that they can examine a therapeutic problem from every angle. Importantly, the training the students receive will also include intensive, hands-on internship experiences. The ultimate purpose of the program is to prepare Ph.D. students for careers in academic, industrial and clinical settings.


Therapeutics Graduate Program Application deadline for the upcoming academic year is November 15, 2015. 


Program leadership

     Director: David Golan (BCMP)
     Director of Training and Education: Catherine Dubreuil

Executive Committee:

Donald Coen (BCMP)
Emily Balskus (Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB))
Stephen Blacklow (BCMP)
James Bradner (DFCI Medicine)
Nathanael Gray (BCMP)
Daniel Kahne (CCB)
Tim Mitchison (Systems Biology)
Peter Sorger (Systems Biology)