Faculty members involved in the Therapeutics Graduate Program represent a wide variety of Harvard Medical School programs and departments. Faculty are drawn from Harvard Integrated Life Science (HILS) faculty, clinical departments based at affiliated hospitals, the Harvard School of Public Heath, as well as several other Harvard Programs that include HMS faculty and/or are based in the Longwood Medical Area.

Faculty Name Research Summary
Agar, Nathalie research interest
Balskus, Emily Chemical Discovery in the Microbial World
Benoist, Christophe research interest
Bernhardt, Tom Bacterial cell division and cell biology
Blacklow, Stephen Biochemistry of transmembrane receptors and signaling
Brown, Myles research interest
Brugge, Joan signal transduction in normal and transformed cells
Buhrlage, Sara Drug development, Cancer therapeutics, Chemical Biology
Cepko, Connie Molecular Approaches to Developmental Neurobiology
Chou, James Protein NMR Spectroscopy of Membrane Protein
Cichowski, Karen Combining genetic and biochemical approaches to elucidate mechanisms underlying cancer
Clapham, David New Biology through Physics: Molecular Discoveries with Light
Coen, Donald Molecular Genetics of Herpes Viruses
D’Amore, Patricia Regulation of Vascular Development and Pathology
Daley, George Stem cells in disease and development
Danail, Nika Integration of Metabolism and Stress Pathways
Ebert, Benjamin Research in hematology and oncology
Eck, Michael Structure Biology of Cytoplasmic Signal Transduction
Elledge, Stephen Cell Cycle Control and Genomic Integrity
Engelman, Jeffrey Developing targeted therapies for cancer
Fisher, David Eukaryotic survival decisions
Frank, David Intracellular signaling pathways in the regulation of cell growth and differentiation
Garraway, Levi Integrated and functional genomic studies of human cancer
Golan, David Regulation of Membrane Protein and Lipid Dynamics: Molecular Mechanisms and Biological Implications.
Goldberg, Michael Development and Delivery of Novel Therapeutics to Address Cancer
Gray, Nathanael Functional small molecules for biological discovery
Haggarty, Steve research interest
Haigis, Marcia Mitochondria in aging and metabolism
Harrison, Stephen Structure of Viruses, Viral Proteins, Receptors, Transcription Factors
Hung, Deborah Chemical genetics approach to bacterial pathogenesis
Kadosh, Cigall Cancer Therapeutics
Kahne, Dan Mechanisms of action of antibiotics
King, Randy Chemical Approaches to Cell Division and Cancer
Kruse, Andrew GPCR, protein engineering, structural biology, and pharmacology
Lahav, Galit Temporal Dynamics of Biological Systems in Human Cells
Langenau, David research interest
Letai, Anthony Programmed Cell Death
Liberles, Stephen Molecular Biology of Instinctive Animal Behavior
Lieberman, Judy Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes
Mazitschek, Ralph Immunology and Infectious Diseases
McClatchey, Andrea Cytoskeleton in cancer development and progression
Mitchison, Tim Cytoskeletal Dynamics
North, Trista Regenerative medicine, stem cell, therapeutics
Novina, Carl micro RNA,  “epigenetic engineering”,  therapeutics
Roberts, Thomas Control of Gene Expression Tumorgenesis and Differentiation
Rubin, Lee Model disease and develop drugs using stem cells, CNS, ALS
Segal, Rosalind Neurotrophic factors in development: Functions and mechanisms of action
Serhan, Charles Chemical mediators in inflammation and resolution
Shah, Jagesh research interest
Silver, Pam Systems and Synthetic Biology
Sinclair, David Molecular mechanisms of aging and age related diseases
Sliz, Piotr research interest
Sorger, Peter Systems biology of mammalian signal transduction
Spiegelman, Bruce Mechanisms of Mammalian Cell Differentiation and Gene Expression
Vaidya, Vishal Biomarkers and Toxicology
Vandenberghe, Luk Gene Therapy
Wagner, Gerhard NMR spectroscopy of proteins and metabolites
Walensky, Loren Targeting deregulated apoptotic and transcriptional pathways in cancer
Walker, Suzanne Chemical biology, enzymology, antibiotics, glycosyltransferases, inhibitors
Weissleder, Ralph Quantitative single cell analysis of cancers during drug treatments in vivo
Wirth, Dyann Molecular Biology of Parasites
Wolfe, Michael Biochemistry and biology of neurodegenerative diseases
Yang, Priscilla Chemistry and biology of Host-virus interactions
Yuan, Junying Mechanisms of Programmed Cell Death
Zhao, Jean Kinase signaling in cancer
Zon, Leonard Developmental Biology of Hematopoiesis