Data & models produced in the LSP


The LSP-affiliated HMS LINCS Center aims to collect and disseminate data and analytical tools needed to understand how human cells respond to perturbation by drugs, the environment, and mutation. The Center maintains a comprehensive database containing all publicly released datasets and reagent metadata as well as a gallery of publication vignettes and interactive data visualization tools.

Interactive data visualization tools

LSP scientists and software engineers have collaborated on several integrative online data browsers that address a broad scientific topic through linked visualizations and annotations of multiple interrelated datasets. These tools go beyond simply making data available, enabling curious researchers to explore rich datasets and form their own hypotheses without requiring personal expertise in programming or data visualization. Some notable examples are linked below.


We have deployed the open-source OMERO microscopy image management system from the Open Microscopy Environment project to manage live- and fixed-cell imaging data. OMERO provides data storage and organization tools tailored to the needs of digital microscopy as well as web-based viewing and downloads in a variety of formats. LSP Modeling and Informatics Platform staff regularly contribute to the design and development of custom OMERO-based tools for high-throughput data annotation and presentation.