We work at the convergence of science, medicine, and engineering to reinvent the process of drug discovery and treatment.

The Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science (HiTS) is an academic research and education program that advances the fundamental science underlying human diseases and drug discovery in order to improve patient care.


The program’s faculty, trainees, and staff study disease using innovative approaches that fuse laboratory investigation, clinical research and computer science to accelerate the invention of life-saving medicines and the precision diagnostics needed to optimally treat individual patients. Our program brings together two approaches: Systems Pharmacology provides a powerful means to study the changes that promote disease and the ways in which therapeutic drugs function at a molecular level. Regulatory science focuses on the evaluation of drugs in clinical trials and on balancing the benefits and risks of new medicines.


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News, Events, & Updates

Regulatory Science Open House

September 26, 12:00pm ET

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HiTS Social Lunch

“Trivia and Lunch”

September 13, 2-1:30pm | ARM108

Regulatory Science Forum

“An Inflection Point for High-Quality Diagnostic Tests in Oncology”

Dr. Brian Alexander, CEO of Foundation Medicine

September 12, 12:00pm ET

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