The Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science (HiTS) is reinventing the science behind drug discovery

Four decades of molecular biology and genomics have fundamentally advanced our understanding of human disease. As a society we have invested billions in research and generated massive amounts of important biological and genetic data.  Yet this data has been dramatically underutilized in drug development.

The Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science (HiTS) is employing an approach called systems pharmacology to tackle this disconnect head on.

Where traditional pharmacology looks only at how a drug affects a single target, systems pharmacology uses computational methods to view drug action at the level of entire cellular networks.

We are harnessing the power of global data.

Every day, all over the world, researchers add to the scientific community’s collective knowledge about how drugs behave in individual patients.  For the first time, HiTS researchers are harnessing this data on a massive scale to create sophisticated and predictive models that can deliver on the promise of personalized medicine.

We are enlisting the vast expertise of the Boston scientific community.

We are bringing together the most forward-looking investigators in mathematical and experimental disciplines from multiple academic institutions (Harvard, MIT, Tufts) and research hospitals (Dana Farber, MGH, BWH) as well as scientists from Boston area pharmaceutical companies.  This unprecedented alliance allows us to get further faster as we seek to fundamentally rethink how we can deliver more effective therapeutics in ways that society can afford.


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